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▲▲ Best application to learn SLAP bass technique in VIDEO HD.▲▲▲ Level: Intermediate▲ Application in ENGLISH,français,español,Deutsch language.▲ No necessary musical knowledge.
▲ 56 Videos HD (150Mo): High image and sound quality. Slow down, Zoom. ▲ 30 Lessons : progressive, easy, clear and commented by your teacher.▲ 30 scores ▲ Amazing sound of the famous Modulus Fleabass ▲ High-speed progression and results. Become a Slap Master in few days.
▲ Your teacher: Stéphane Graziano alias "Poppyto": professional bassist & slap master. ♫ References : the 1st French bass website
▲ Download all videos in 5min (Wifi) or one after the other.▲ Also works on Tablets.▲ Facebook fan page to talk about bass:
Your teacher : Slap bass is a very interesting technique that allows the bassist to highlight its techniques and expand its range of sounds. It's a very gratifying feeling which you will feel in only a few weeks. With SlapBassLessons, you have the best means of quickly becoming bass player in your pocket. Made by passionates and professionals of the music, you will find a good and effective teaching methods in this beautiful application easy to use.
Stéphane Graziano